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"Laura Kessler helped me understand time management and find a system that works specifically for me. She guided me towards a more productive self, which has helped me balance my career and personal life. Spending time with Laura is experiencing time management at its best."

–S.F., Artist and Photographer

Personal and Creativity Coaching for Artists

Sometimes talent and professional skills are not the problem; it’s motivation and time management. So how *do* you manage to balance ambitious career goals and a healthy personal life?

I specialize in artistic careers, and have successfully worked with people of all ages and backgrounds. My clients have broken through creative ruts, found a focus when their interests were too scattered, and worked toward saner lifestyles and greater overall success and stability.

As a teacher/instructor with over 15 years experience, and a certified Life and Career Coach (CPC), I have seen what motivates artists to overcome their fear, procrastination, scattered-commitments and creative blocks. And as a working professional artist, I have certainly been there myself.

If you are ready to seek balance and direction in your career, personal and creative coaching for artists may be an answer. Sessions take place by telephone or in person.

Upon request, sessions may be professionally recorded as mp3 files and transcribed for future reference. Long distance charges are free to those based in North America. Video conferencing is also available via Skype and Webex, and is recommended for international clients.

Please call for more details and to set up a free telephone consultation.

“Before I met and started working with Laura Kessler I had not been able to perform as a solo artist. I was experiencing a paralyzing fear of getting on stage alone and suffered from an overwhelming sense of not being a good enough musician on my own. I’m not sure what the turning point was for me or what specifically it was that Laura said or did that changed this for me. What I do know is that she guided me to understand that I alone keep myself chained to these fears and I alone have to free myself from them. She just pointed me in the direction of the key (which I of course had possession of all along).

I have been performing as a solo artist since Feb 17th of 2006 and will be going on my first mini tour in April. Those who know me well are shocked at the transformation. I would literally get physically ill before an open mic. Today, I am performing all over Chicago, New York, Minneapolis and Wisconsin. I have had the pleasure to work with the most amazing musicians and am finishing my first CD as we speak.”

–Monica del Castillo